SK’s Burst Tomato Galette with Corn and Zucchini


I have made this a few times now—I discovered the recipe last summer—and I’m kind of obsessed. The combination of vegetables is fantastic and a galette (which is like a pie but more rustic: a pie crust just folded over the filling rather than in a pie pan) is somehow tremendously exciting, not to mention beautiful.


The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen, no need to repeat it here. And if you haven’t checked out the rest of her site before you have a fun few hours (/days) ahead of you, Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite cooking blogs and probably one of the most famous.

Cooking down the veggies so they don’t make the crust soggy
Check out those gobs of fat! Makes it nice and flaky (although I think this crust would be perfectly acceptable with a little less butter)

I brought this to a potluck last weekend and it was well received, as it has been on previous occasions. Yum yum yum.


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