Lentil salad with yogurt dressing


I’m a little irritated because I wrote this all out  yesterday, and the Interwebs didn’t save it. My fault, I think, but still. (In case you were wondering, no, I don’t usually post the day I make something. Too much work to cook and write about it; besides, I want to have time to reflect on the virtues of the dish before sharing it.)

It also turns out that I am very bad at cooking lentils. They shouldn’t be, and in fact are not, that difficult to cook—lentils, water, heat, time—I think I just got overconfident since I have indeed successfully cooked them many times before. Not enough water and not paying attention = a little crunchy. But, still tasty and definitely edible.

Aside from the apparent challenges of heating legumes on a stove, this salad is pretty straightforward. Lentils, dressing, and whatever veggies you happen to have on hand. Also the dressing is awesome and can/should be used on other dishes as well—grain/pasta salad, straight veggies (especially cucumbers).

Lentil salad with yogurt dressing
Veggies: cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes (sungolds are recommended)
Yogurt (maybe 1/4 cup per cup of lentils?)
Lemon juice (optional)

Cook the lentils according to instructions, or here from the Kitchn. Drain, if necessary, and place in a bowl. They should be relatively cool or at least room temperature, when you add the other ingredients.

Chop veggies—slice small tomatoes in half to make them easier to stab with a fork/pick up with a spoon. Roughly chop the dill, just to get the juices flowing (look at me using dill again!). Add to the lentils along with the yogurt and seasonings and stir. Taste and adjust.

Serve room temperature or cold. This keeps well and is an excellent potluck addition, as well as a good work lunch (bring along a few slices of fresh bread too).


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