Roasted Tomato Rice


Quick! Before the tomatoes all disappear!

Chop them up and roast them (hot oven, with a little olive oil, for at least 20 minutes. Throw in a few whole cloves of garlic too).

This can be done while you are roasting other things. I like to use my oven for more than one thing when it’s on: a pie and root vegetables, crisp and squash, muffins and tomatoes… it saves energy and prevents you from steaming up your house all the time. Also, everything takes time to cook, so it means you have fewer moments hanging around waiting to open your oven. Do be careful not to open the oven door too much when you have a few things in there, though—I’ve heard it loses 10º every time the door opens.

Anyway, back to the tomatoes. (Almost)

After roasting, make some rice. This is another thing that can be done ahead of time. In fact, as a person living alone, I highly recommend making either a large pot of rice, or beans, or lentils, or some combination of the above, at the start of your week. They provide a platform for all your awesome veggies and something to fall back on should you feel less than inspired, or just crunched by time, later in the week. You can do other things to help yourself out during the week—roast a chicken, make granola, bake some bread—this could take up your whole Sunday if you let it. I’ve been getting up early on weekends (habit) and find it’s a good time to do some baking. Then the rest of the day is free to enjoy).

Boil a pot of water and blanch some kale. While you’re at it, blanch a few more of the excess of veggies you got in your CSA and stick them (labeled) in your freezer. If you still have room in there. Grind up the kale (no stems) with a little olive oil.

When you are ready for dinner/office lunch/breakfast (? whatever), throw together rice-roasted tomatoes+garlic-chopped kale-a little pecorino, warm up briefly if necessary, and NOM. I recommend brown rice, it’s got more of a nuttier flavor that adds actually quite a bit to this dish. Honestly it surprised me how much I enjoyed this dinner. All about the tomatoes.

I forgot the cheese at first… better with it (also half-eaten already)

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