Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon


Think about your favorite fancy restaurant. Yeah, that one. My bet is that right now they are serving some form of Brussels spouts: roasted, fried, crispy, whatever. By themselves or with bacon, pancetta, sesame, etc.

This is how you make it at home. Just as phenomenal, trust me. I love Brussels sprouts—they are like tiny cabbages, but somehow more flavorful and interesting. They grow in little funny burls on a stalk!

I apparently really like roasting things. Not even just apparently; it’s true. It’s so easy! You just need lots of patience, and a little planning ahead so you don’t get hangry. And to not mind when your kitchen gets all warm (another reason to appreciate the colder weather).

Roasted Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts (1/2lb is good for 2 appetizer servings)
Bacon (about 1/4lb with that amount)
Apple cider vinegar

Cut the Brussels sprouts into quarters and place in a roasting pan (I used an 8×8 because that’s what I have. Extra could go in a pie dish, if you don’t have other dishes (I’ve been roasting a lot of squash in pie pans lately)). Cut bacon into small pieces and scatter throughout the Brussels sprouts.


Bake at around 350ºF for a long time, at least 45 minutes, stirring every now and then. They should get browned, crispy, and sizzlely, and the bacon will let go of some of its fat to mix with the sprouts.

Remove from oven and dress with just a tiny dash of apple cider vinegar and a bit of salt—stir it in, it’ll sizzle around in the hot pan. Plate and serve.

I made about the amount specified and ate 2/3 for dinner, planning to save the rest for tomorrow. Then I came home in the evening where it was still sitting out. It somehow disappeared—I didn’t mean to, it just happened. No regrets.


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